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Hair Restoration Institute

Maximum Growth Therapy

Maximum Growth Therapy

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xpertly formulated, MGT is unique herbal formula designed to support thick and healthy hair.  It provides protein building nutrients and B vitamins directly to hair follicles to help with hair growth. Containing 11 of the best topical DHT blockers and high percentages of the basic keratin proteins cysteine and panthenol, MGT naturally stimulates new hair growth.

MGT's formula also includes vasodilators that improve blood flow by assisting the vitamins in revitalizing the condition of the hair and scalp. These ingredients relieve the scalp of dryness and encourage thick healthy hair.

Instead of enhanced Minoxidil, MGT is designed for all natural programs. It strengthens hair damaged by chemicals and helps with scalp irritation. The MGT active DHT blocking ingredients include Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, Pygeum Bark Extract, Stinging Nettles Extract, Alpha Linolenic Acid, Gamma Linolenic Acid, Linseed Extract, Borage Oil, Green Tea Extract, Pumpkin Seed Extract and Evening Primrose Extract.

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